Reaching out to the world that God so loved.


               Having FUN helping others and serving HIM!

  When God's children are in need, be the one to help them out.  Romans 12:13a NLT

Just who are these people anyway?

Let's start with:


Hannah with cupcake batter on her smiling face.Hannah is nine and loves Jesus, horses, whales, all other animals, her friends and ... oh yes, her family.   She is adventurous and very creative.  She likes taking pictures and making her own videos.  She is very loving and friendly to kids of all ages and is often the first to welcome new kids in her Sunday School class.  She has been raised to be "color blind" and doesn't care what race or color or gender you are, if you are a kid, she will want to play.

Hannah on a stick horse feeding the Mini's.She is a stick-horse riding extraordinaire and is the current World Imagination Barrel Racing Champion. Hannah would love to have more saddle time on a real horse or pony. The Lord allowed Hannah to be the official trainer of the miniature horses and ponies at a horse rescue we volunteered at. Everyone else was too big, but little Hannah was just right!  She is learning that riding a horse starts with taking care of it, such as feeding, grooming and even mucking out their stalls.  She would like to see wild horses and and wants to be a cowgirl and a veterinarian and an animal rescue person and possibly a super-hero.  She loves to fish and helps to clean her own fish!  She wants to go hunting, but that is still a ways down the road.

Hannah doing some math.Hannah is homeschooled and is doing well, but is having some trouble with reading - possibly some dyslexia - which she should outgrow. Fortunately, we are able to adjust her lessons to fit her needs  She enjoys learning science and getting dirty with some "hands on" learning.   She plays many learning games on the computer and enjoys the "Magic School Bus", "Reading Rainbow" and just about any animal related videos.  Hannah loves learning about nature, math, history and physical science.  Going for a walk and exploring with her parents is one of her favorite things to do.  She likes to help her dad work on cars and around the house.  She loves to color and draw and is encouraged to let her natural creativity come out.

Rich & Ashlee

Rich and Ashlee LindquistRich and Ashlee have been married for 15 years.  They are true partners who put each other ahead of themselves and live their life according to what the Bible teaches.  They are both Saved by the Grace of God and really enjoy going to church. They had a blast while attending a Spanish speaking church in Yuma, AZ. The words may be different, but the Spirit is the same!

Ashlee is creative and artistic.  She enjoys scrap-booking, drawing, making soaps and other crafts.  She enjoys puzzle books and computer games as well as card and board games.  She is often found visiting friends or at nursing homes and senior centers playing games and visiting the elderly.

Growing up, Ashlee was into horses in a big way.  As a young child in Sacramento, CA, all she could think about was horses, Horses, HORSES!  Unfortunately, you couldn't have horses in the city, so her family moved to Brookings, Oregon when she was eight years old.  Ashlee's dream came true when a young couple in their new church offered to lease her one of their ponies - a Welsh Mountain pony named Silky.  Joining the Horse 4-H Program in the 4th grade, Ashlee moved through several ponies.  El Chico, a half Quarter Horse - half Galicino Pony, was very special and helped Ashlee through a very scary time.

Coming home from showing El Chico at a 4-H Fair on August 6th, 1982, the migraine headaches that 10 year old Ashlee had been having for a while suddenly intensified.  Not feeling well, she stayed home while her family went to church the next day.  When they returned, they found Ashlee in a coma.  Being unable to awaken her, Ashlee's disabled father and 16 year old brother raced her the 130 miles to the hospital in Medford, Oregon.

Arriving at the hospital, doctors rushed Ashlee in for a CT Scan of the brain, where they discovered a tumor.  Ashlee was taken in for brain surgery the next morning where surgeons removed a plum-sized malignant tumor during the 10 hour long operation.  The operation and subsequent radiation treatments saved her life, but left her with irreversible damage to her optic nerves leaving her legally blind.

Before being discharged after 18 days in the hospital, the Neurosurgeon came in to give Ashlee and her father the prognosis.  They were told that she most likely had only 3 months to live and that she couldn't do many things including ride her pony due to possible injury to her head.  Ashlee, at 10 years of age, proceeded to tell her doctor "If you are giving me three months to live, then I will die with my boots on!"  Three days after arriving home, Ashlee was back on El Chico with a brother on each side and a helmet on her head.

Ashlee moved on to bigger horses, such as her Arabian gelding and increased her knowledge and abilities in riding and showing them.  She learned to ride Western equitation & pleasure, Saddle Seat (a formal version of English) equitation, English pleasure, Trail classes and Hunt Seat.  Continuing her 4-H career for 9 years, Ashlee had many 4-H projects including Horse, Sheep, Dog and Veterinary Science.  She competed at State Fair numerous times and became a 4-H Ambassador for the State of Oregon in 1988.  She also showed in Open and Class A Horse shows in Oregon and Northern California.   She and her family raised a small herd of Morgan Horses in Central Oregon.

Ashlee was a 4-H Leader for several years and fondly remembers the Horse and Horseless program she created.  She taught kids (and their parents) what was really involved in owning a horse.  She taught them how to care for horses, such as identifying good feed, pulling noxious weeds, maintaining fences, trailers and tack.  The expenses involved in owning a horse, veterinary care, keeping complete records and how to handle horses from foals to adults.  Above all, she taught them to do all of this as safely as possible.  Some of her students went on to become horse owners while the others thanked her for opening their eyes to the fact that they weren't ready to take care of horses.  Ashlee made sure to include the physically and developmentally disabled students into her classes and to see to it that everybody was involved and having fun.

Ashlee attended college in Bend, Oregon and received her Associates Degree in Business Administration.  As time went on, lifestyles changed and the family ranch was sold.  Ashlee moved to Lewiston, Idaho in 1993 and fell in love with the man of her dreams in 1995.  She and Rich married in May of 1995.  They have raised one beautiful daughter - Jennifer and are raising another beautiful daughter - Hannah. 

Although her eyesight continues to diminish, Ashlee has been cancer free for over 28 years.  Praise The Lord!



Rich is brilliant, handsome and incredibly talented is humble and shy. :-)  Escaping from New York at the tender age of 9 months, Rich spent several years in Pennsylvania before coming to north Idaho in 1975.  He always wanted to be a mechanic, (except for the time he was on a children's TV show and said that he wanted to be a Fireman) and is very mechanically inclined.  He received his first car, (a 1958 Chevy which his big sister rolled and burned - not that he is bitter about that) when he was 10 years old.  He pretty well majored in Auto Shop at Olympia High School before joining the Washington Army National Guard as a Tracked and Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic.  He then moved back to Idaho where he completed the Auto Mechanics program at Lewis Clark State College.  Unfortunately, surgery on a broken arm pretty well destroyed any chance of being a professional mechanic.  Fortunately, he can still do the work, just not as a career.

Electronics and computers interested him as much as cars (and they are a lot cleaner) so he has taught himself quite a bit about computer hardware, software and website design.  He is a big supporter of Linux and open-source software, but often uses Windows software for compatibility with his clients.  Rich is the go-to-guy for any of his friends and family who are having car or computer issues and he still builds and hosts websites for profit and charity alike.

Rich reads voraciously and enjoys Sci-Fi, Humor, Historical and Biblical reference books, Information and Guide books and forensic crime novels. He enjoys studying his Bible and is currently having a great time reading his New Living Translation Bible . He is an information hound and sucks up knowledge from anything he can. He wants to learn from other people and cultures and is praying that the Lord will make him a good listener.

He enjoys being outdoors and sees God in all of His Creation.  Rich likes to go for walks/hikes and explore new areas.  He enjoys fishing and would be happy to do some catching, but it isn't necessary.  While he hasn't been hunting in a loooong time, he does enjoy guns and shooting.  He taught his wife and daughters how to shoot safely and accurately.  He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and honors the Constitution and this country which was built upon it.

He enjoys trying new things and meeting new people and prefers to take the road less travelled.  He would like to become friends with a family of a different culture such as Native American or Hispanic. We made some good friends with several Mexican-American families in Yuma, AZ. We attended their church for a few weeks and really enjoyed it and had a crash course in Spanish!