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A Letter of Recommendation from Diamond T Ranch

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September 10, 2009

Ref: Rich & Ashlee Lindquist

To Whom It May Concern:

Rich and Ashlee Lindquist were selected from several applicants to be volunteer (unpaid) workcampers at our small guest ranch in northern Idaho. They began their duties on May 1st and will be leaving in mid-September following the summer busy season.

The Lindquists want to be servant-helpers, volunteering their services to those in need free-of-charge while living off of a small disability income. They live very modestly in an older travel trailer with their intelligent and well behaved, eight-year-old daughter, Hannah. They have given up much to follow their dream of living out their Christian beliefs, serving others without asking anything in return.

Rich has a good education and has held many different jobs. This has contributed to a wide knowledge in many diverse areas, from mechanics to computer programming, where he excels. He designed and developed an entirely new web-site ( for our ranch, without remuneration, this summer, and we’ve already received much positive feedback on it from our customers.

Rich’s main jobs this summer were mowing and trimming five acres of lawn and grounds, and he was willing to do that work in heat, rain or heavy dust to ensure that the ranch looked well kept for the guests. This too has received many compliments. Ashlee assisted my wife in cleaning cabins, often working to help clean several in a day. Additionally, they watered flowers, helped with horses, sprayed weeds and assisted guests.

The Lindquists are clearly “people people,” adept at showing friendliness, casually conversing and helping answer questions of guests. They developed many friendships of our clientel, and were often found sitting around the fire-ring late into the evening conversing with guests to make the guests feel at home.

Both Rich and Ashlee love to learn new things, and they often seek new challenges. They get along well with each other and take great pride in spending time with, and teaching their daughter Hannah. Unlike most people, money does not seem important to them. Instead, relationships are central to their lives.

We are grateful for the help they provided us, and recommend them to anyone needing a young couple to come along side and provide assistance and labor which comes without strings attached. That is a rare gift indeed.


Tom Wagoner, Owner/Manager, Diamond T Guest Ranch

Tom and Brenda Wagoner

Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

-- Jesus -- Matt. 11:28

A signed and printed copy of this letter is available upon request.