Reaching out to the world that God so loved.


               Having FUN helping others and serving HIM!

  When God's children are in need, be the one to help them out.  Romans 12:13a NLT

Photo Gallery Two

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Our front yard
at Diamond T Ranch

Captain Hannah

I'll have that headlight fixed in a jiffy!

Need a hand?


Learning leathercraft

Rock Star!

Hannah and Selah

Hey!  Who are the new guys?

I come in peace.

Zebra + Horse=Zorse!

Entertaining Angle
Someone dumped this
itty-bitty-kitty at the ranch. 
We got her a good home.

Maybe Mayberry

TV eats your brain

Reason No. 212 to head South

I've got my spear.  Are you sure
we can't go dinosaur hunting?

Sunset Pond

Small pond at
Diamond T Ranch

Library Fun

Howdy Pardner

Jenni and Hannah fishing
at Round Lake State Park

I'm more mature than you!

Hey good looking!

The deck on the big pond
at Diamond T Ranch.

Hannah's pet Praying Mantis

How 'bout a smooch?!

Sunset on Lake Pend Oreille

Starfleet Rainbow?

You don't see me.
I was never here.

Winter Legacy