Reaching out to the world that God so loved.


               Having FUN helping others and serving HIM!

  When God's children are in need, be the one to help them out.  Romans 12:13a NLT

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Ashlee giving Rich the eye.

Life of the party!

When Snow Attacks!

Hannah learning Fire Safety.

Who needs gifts when you
have Princess?

Tiger Kitty.

A girl and her truck.
It's a beautiful thing.

What cupcake batter?

Ridin' in the Rhino.

Hannah and Jenni at Graduation

Making meatloaf.

Hannah and Phoenix.


Hannah and Wings

Jenni looking sharp.

Light snow.

I know I left my truck
around here somewhere.

More snow coming.

Quality reading time with Nana.

Nana teaching Hannah how
to make Sand Art.

Sand Art Heart.

Nana, Papa and Hannah.

Our Yukon that we pray
will last for a looooong time.

I'm a Princess, I must have
my Royal Cushion.

I'm the best present there is.

Pulling Hannah on the sled
around our racetrack.

Just a little off the top please.

Winter in the trailer? Naaaa!

Ashlee ready for some
Winter fun!

Snuggle Time.