Reaching out to the world that God so loved.


               Having FUN helping others and serving HIM!

  When God's children are in need, be the one to help them out.  Romans 12:13a NLT

tJrEuSsUtS = trust in JESUS

I used to ride a motorcycle and enjoyed taking people for rides.  You can instantly tell which passengers trust your abilities and which ones don't ... at the first corner. :-)  All you motorcycle riders are nodding your heads!  When a person doesn't trust your riding skills, they will try to stay upright -  even whey you and the bike are leaning for a curve.  This makes you have to work twice as hard and is a good way to crash.  It also makes you and the passenger glad when the ride is over.  On the other hand, a passenger that trusts you and realizes that they can't drive from back there anyway, will just sit back and enjoy the ride.  When you lean they lean, they are one with you and the bike.  Let me tell you about an adventure I had that the Lord has used to teach me how to Trust in Jesus.   It all started with a little...

HOPE    Several years ago I went skydiving.  I went to the jump school and paid attention in class.  I put the jumpsuit and harness on and did a practice jump.  I learned the terminology and moves required to be successful.  I hoped that I would remember everything I needed to do.  This is what a lot of us do when we "go to Church".  We hope we are doing God's will, but we are not sure.  We do all the right moves and say all the right words, but there is something missing.  That something was....

BELIEF    I boarded the stripped down and poorly running airplane and tried to remain calm as we climbed to 4,000 feet.  The instructor told me to sit on the floor next to the door.  He then had me open the door and put my feet on the little step outside of the plane.  The wind was whipping past as I was told to lean out of the door and work my hands up the diagonal strut that ran from the body of the plane to the wing.  The Jump Master was holding my "Pilot Chute" that would pull out my main chute - if he timed it right.  Too soon and I wouldn't be in the right position, causing the chute to open while I was still in the plane.  This would tangle my main chute and yank me out of the plane at well over 100 MPH.

He then had me step off of the little step and, holding onto the strut with my feet in the air, I flew along like Superman.  I watched him and waited for him to say GO!  --  At this point I believed that the Jump Master knew what he was doing.  I believed that there was actually a parachute that was strapped to me and not someone's laundry.  I believed that the equipment was properly packed and maintained and would behave exactly as it was supposed to.  I believed like many people believe in Jesus Christ.  We go out on a limb (or a strut in my case) and do things that our friends and family might not do.  We look right and talk right about how Jesus is our Lord and we trust Him - but - we are still holding on to things of this world.  It could be pride (I got me this far, I can do the rest).  It could be embarrassment (what will people think?).  It could be power, position or possessions (what will He want me to give up?).  Until we go the next step we will never be, have or do what God has for us.  That next step is so simple yet we can make it so terrifying that we don't move.  That final step requires...

FAITH     I had to let go... of everything.  In this case, I had to let go of a wreck of a plane, much like I let go of the wreck I had made of my life.  I had to trust completely and once I did - I found freedom.  Freedom to fly through the air or freedom from the chains of sin.  I could now enjoy the journey as I was no longer trying to retain control.  I go where He goes.  When He stops, I stop.  I may see a mirage and want to go to it, but He sees the truth and takes me by the route that He wants. I don't need to know where I'm going or even when I will get there, I just need to know Jesus and He will do the rest.

Are you ready to let go of your life and grab hold of Jesus?