Reaching out to the world that God so loved.


               Having FUN helping others and serving HIM!

  When God's children are in need, be the one to help them out.  Romans 12:13a NLT

Why are you doing this?

We have given up nearly all we had - to have everything we need.

God has put it on our hearts to see peoples needs and bless them in any way we can. We cannot out-give God. Whatever we give away, whether it's money, time or "stuff", God always has more available.  When you allow God to bless people - through you - you get blessed along the way.  We especially enjoy helping out behind the scenes - ministering to Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists who have been called by God. Churches, Bible Camps and Missions always need help. We will even volunteer at secular places like food banks and shelters if they are doing good works. What better way to reach the lost than to show the love and compassion of Jesus as you minister to them in their time of need?


What can I do to help?

We covet your prayers.  Please pray for:

  • Our Marriage.  The enemy loves to derail good works by attacking the marriage of those involved.  Our marriage of over 15 years is very strong and it will take continued prayer to keep it that way.  Pray that Rich will love Ashlee the way Christ loves the Church.

  • Our Christian walk.  The enemy is always trying to sneak in and sometimes our old sin nature opens the door.

  • Our Finances.  That we would be good stewards of the gifts God gives us. Please pray that we sell or give away all that we have left in our storage unit and sell our Yukon so that we can eliminate those debts, allowing us to give more to the Lord and His good works.

  • The People we help.  Pray that Jesus is, or will be, their Lord and Savior and they will be blessed beyond all that they can ask or think.  That we will accurately represent Christ as we interact with them.  That we become family to them and have many joyous times with them.

  • Hannah.  She loves people and LOVES playing with other kids.  Pray that God will allow her to bless many, many kids and that she will make friends wherever she goes.  Pray for her protection as we travel and go into new and strange places.  Pray that she will look back on this time as blessing from God and let her grow into a beautiful woman of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  That she will continue to tell kids about Jesus.

  • Our Health.  Ashlee's vision continues to degrade.   Rich's back, shoulders and wrists are not what they used to be.  Rich needs glasses and some dental work.

  • Our Home.  The travel trailer we live in is 28 years old and is in the same shape that we are. :-) As soon as we can move into a bus, we will be selling the travel trailer. It's not handling the miles and terrain that we travel very well.

  • Our Vehicle.  We have a 1999 GMC Yukon.  It is strong enough to pull the trailer, but if something happens to it, we'll be stuck until God fixes it. Please pray that we sell this so that we can get a good, reliable bus. We feel lead to provide more than just our helping hands and a bus will allow us to have food, clothing and humanitarian supplies on hand.

  • Our Family and Friends.  Pray for salvation and faith.  Pray for our parents' health and safety.

  • Our Home Church.  We love and are loved by the body of Christ at Sandpoint Christian Fellowship.  They live the life they preach and they preach the Word of God.  Pray for protection from the enemy and that they will continue to put Jesus above all.

  • Peace. The more we turn over to God, the less we have to worry about. Pray that we will relax and trust in God in ALL things. For Him to guide, protect, comfort and strengthen us.

  • Our "kids" in the Lord. We sponsor a little girl in Indonesia through Compassion International. She is six years old and her name is Vebbyola Yesshi Zintha Simanjuntak. Her family is very poor but they all love Jesus! We also sponsor a Native Missionary in Delhi, India through Gospel For Asia. He is twenty years old and his name is Jackson Kuldeep. Please pray that God will continue to bless them and that their ministries will grow stronger every day.

  • Yourself.  Pray for yourself to be strong in the Lord.  To hear His voice and to seek His face.  To love with His LOVE and to continue praying.

You can also tell people about us, or tell us about people who need help.  Even if we can't get to them right away, we can pray for them and maybe guide someone else to them.  There is always another tool in the tool box. :-)